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Pontius Navigator
6th Aug 2019, 12:20
Over in Jet Blast is a number of threads of Admiralty WW2 training films. There are RAF equivalent films but I haven't found any. Still the RN ones are good viewing.

6th Aug 2019, 15:04
Not seen any WW2 Air Ministry Films, but have seen Where The Big Birds Fly about a Vulcan flying in Canada. Also flight 618 Vulcan flying to Cyprus plus other training films from that era.

6th Aug 2019, 15:42
And, of course, the immortal 12 Sqn Buccaneer film with the Vangellis score.

Pontius Navigator
6th Aug 2019, 18:41
Thanks. I was thinking of a couple. One was a film on the Secret Blue Silk Doppler on the Canberra. The other which I would like to watch again was one on Hunter recce. It showed route planning, turning on a 6d, and track marking. Then the flight. He flew passed a bridge and rattled off the description, something like, "flat
​deck bridge, two lane, 8 span . . "

Very impressive to an impressionable 18 year old. Never occurred to me at the time that the chatter could have been a scripted voice over from the film.

6th Aug 2019, 21:21
Indeed so. Directed by Hugh Hudson of Chariots of Fire fame. With a cast of the RAF's best looking aviators. :ok:

7th Aug 2019, 05:28
Can you post any you find in the sticky "Historical Videos"