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5th Aug 2019, 19:12
APU mistreated (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHt94oB7VWQ&feature=youtu.be)


6th Aug 2019, 00:32

6th Aug 2019, 21:35
Almost 22 years old and supposedly headed for the scrap pile in about a week. If true it's probably going to be scrapped right there.
The driver could then claim a kill. Quite the accomplishment.

Raffles S.A.
6th Aug 2019, 21:42
Very cryptic title. Guess the content and win a Datsun.

On topic, too many collisions between service equipment and airplanes!

Many years ago I flew for a startup airline, we were about to push back for a first flight on a new route, the ground tech came in and told us that the right aileron was damaged. So that was the end of the flight. A service truck had hit the aileron, the driver said nothing and quietly disappeared, never to be seen again. Lucky the tech did a walkaround prior to engine start as the damage was caused after the F/E preflight when we were all in the cockpit. Africa.