View Full Version : What happened to the “Bluebird” aircraft?

Dick Smith
5th Aug 2019, 05:43
It is Dick Smith from Australia here. I have just finished an amazing book “The Bluebird’s Flight” written by English woman, Mrs Victor Bruce, on her flight in 1930 from England to Japan and then across the States in her aircraft named “Bluebird”. It is one of the best books I have read – what an amazing lady.

Does anyone know where the aircraft is now, or has it been destroyed?


5th Aug 2019, 07:10
Last recorded sighting of it was on display at Charing Cross Underground station in March 1931, shortly after the record-breaking flight.

5th Aug 2019, 07:49
Last one (of 55) scrapped in 1947, apparently.

5th Aug 2019, 09:31
Last one (of 55) scrapped in 1947, apparently.

All produced by Saro at Cowes (Blackburn had built an initial 3 prior to that).