View Full Version : In case you didn't get enough flying in from London

Mark in CA
15th Jul 2019, 20:59
The property has just introduced a “Superior Cockpit Room” which includes (https://kotaku.com/enormous-flight-simulator-installed-in-tokyo-hotel-1836238095) a full sized Boeing 737-800 flight simulator. And they offer one of the best deals anywhere for experiencing a sim.

Just want simulator time? You can book 90 minutes in the afternoon with an instructor for $277
You can spend the night in the room — without the instructor, because that would be weird — for a room rate of $233.

Tokyo Airport Hotel Now Offers a ‘Superior Cockpit Room’ With a Boeing 737 Simulator (https://viewfromthewing.boardingarea.com/2019/07/10/tokyo-airport-hotel-now-offers-a-superior-cockpit-room-with-a-boeing-737-simulator-233-night/)

15th Jul 2019, 22:26
Well they must be sure people will book it.

16th Jul 2019, 19:45
No fun. If you book the room for the night, you can't play on the simulator.