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11th Jul 2019, 21:37
What is wrong with this brand new machine ?

Even before the complaints of bad mood, sickness and vomiting between crew and passengers that have been reported on the flights of the new A330neo of TAP, the new models already had threatened to give problems. First was Rolls-Royce to be faced with difficulties because of the engines in several models, including the A330neo, which delayed the delivery of the planes in almost 12 months, when the engine underwent a modification in the design. A few days ago, Delta Air Lines delayed the aircraft's scheduled debut for July 1.

In December 2018, TAP became "the first airline in the world to offer its customers the unbeatable, long-range and efficient economic features and the new Airspace cab" of the new model, as read in the presentation. Earlier this year, it received two more Airbus A330-900neo, which joined the model that the Portuguese company was already using, in a world premiere, on flights to Brazil. And it was precisely on this path that recent problems were reported.

The episodes have already been reported to the National Civil Aviation Authorization (ANAC) and one of the last ones happened last week on a flight to Brazil when passengers and crew felt bad. One of the passengers said that the pilots had to land in a mask

After the news that the new TAP A330-900neo aircraft were in trouble, the company issued an internal denial.

TAP Air Portugal clarifies that "there is no passenger limitation" in the operation of the new Airbus A330-900neo aircraft that are already at the company's service on the routes from Lisbon to Brazil. On the contrary, "they have had an operating efficiency greater than the average of the TAP fleet and above the manufacturer's expectation", read in an Internal Communiqué that was sent to the company's collaborators on February 16th.

The company explained to its employees, in response to an explanation published on February 15 by the weekly newspaper 'Sol', which reports, with the front page, a text that addresses some of the constraints in the operation of the company's new aircraft. "TAP strongly disavows all the false and unfounded accusations made in the SOL edition of the new NEO aircraft," it said in a statement.

"The new aircraft are capable of making flights with maximum capacity. In any flight of any aircraft, the cargo payload is adjusted to the passengers and the volume of fuel supplied, "said the company, which assures that" the first three months of operation of these aircraft were an absolute success, evaluated and proven by Airbus ".

TAP further clarified that "the new A330 NEO aircraft are already certified for the United States."

The statement contains a quote from François Caudron, Vice-President of Airbus in which he says: "The Airbus A330neo has performed very well since its entry into TAP service. The new A330neo already have EASA certification for ETOPS 300 minutes, which proves the reliability of Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines. "

TAP said in the statement that the weekly newspaper should have contacted the Communications Directorate of the airline to clarify the information, concluding that "TAP reserves the right to activate its legal means so that , once and for all, ends the disrespectful way in which this newspaper treats the workers and suppliers of TAP, while ignoring ethics and journalistic deontology. "

TAP Air Portugal currently has three A330-900 aircraft at its service. In the coming weeks will receive two more units of an order of 21 devices of this model that will modernize and reinforce the long-haul fleet of the Portuguese airline and which will arrive in full until the second half of next year, as previously reported "

12th Jul 2019, 06:49
See here: PPRuNe: A330 Neo apparently causing nausea inflight (https://www.pprune.org/rumours-news/622962-a330-neo-apparently-causing-nausea-inflight.html)

12th Jul 2019, 07:00
What is wrong with this brand new machine ?

Nothing. Sol is a taboid. In their article on the issue they managed to throw in everything but the kitchen sink. It starts with a declaration that "some passengers already fear to fly and some sources say it can lead to mental incapacitation". Then it immediately jumps to the cancelled parliamentary hearing with the TAP CEO about bonuses management recieved that was cancelled because the CEO had "an urgent meeting with Airbus", thus creating a sense of some imminent danger.

They then say that "a passenger saw a pilot landing in an oxygen mask" (how did the passenger see it through the closed cockpit door?) and that "a source" says TAP union reported 14 cases". They didn't clarify whether it was on the same flight or on several.

According to Wikipedia (admittedly, itself not a very reliable source) Sol was created to compete with another newspaper. This article is just a circulation booster.

12th Jul 2019, 07:20
And TAP is quite right to take the paper to court. Hopefully TAP win and it helps stop these idiot hacks from writing rubbish like this.