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bill fly
1st Jul 2019, 10:19
Quote from BBC News:

The Air India Express flight carrying 183 passengers veered off the runway, but the pilot managed to steer it into a muddy patch of grass.
Airline officials have blamed "tailwind and a wet runway" for the incident.

Blame where blame is due after all...

Catwalk Dweller
3rd Jul 2019, 08:33
Excellent! But really, it's not so much worse than some reporting I've seen in some so-called "first world" countries . . .

3rd Jul 2019, 11:25
Forgive me please if I've misunderstood, but what I took away from the report was that, for whattever reason, the plane landed long, wasn't going to stop on the runway, and, Mangalore being a table top runway. the pilot decided it was better to go off the side and stop in the mud than go off the cliff at the end. Have I misunderstood?

3rd Jul 2019, 17:25
Don't forget Magalore's - umm - history with 738 overruns on 24: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_India_Express_Flight_812

Not a bad place to steer into the mud if you roll over the piano keys still carrying excess speed. There's a "sand EMAS" pit, but it didn't help. Beyond that, the first step is a dilly!

3rd Jul 2019, 18:05
Don't forget Magalore's - umm - history with 738 overruns on 24

That many ??

Sorry, couldn't resist. :O

25th Jul 2019, 15:59
Incident: India Express B738 at Mangalore on Jun 30th 2019, runway excursion on landing (http://avherald.com/h?article=4c9d4a5a&opt=0)

25th Jul 2019, 16:56
The airline has far too many incidents.

25th Jul 2019, 16:57
What do you mean, almost? Seems to me they did.

25th Jul 2019, 19:55
Difficult to see in the video because its partially obscured by the slats but the T/R cowl appears to not have deployed until the end but then closes before the a/c comes to a shuddering stop.

25th Jul 2019, 20:11
" The license of the captain was suspended for a year following the date of the occurrence."

Black Pudding
26th Jul 2019, 04:21
The thrust reversers were don’t deployed until towards the end of the landing roll ?????