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28th Jun 2019, 17:40
Good afternoon ,
Any chances that someone would have access to the load on Air France flight 639 IAH-CDG tomorrow.
United pilot here but no way for me to see if there is any chances on standby....it just show the red emoji.
Thanks for any infos

28th Jun 2019, 21:52
Staff Traveller app is a great resource for such information :ok:

Global Aviator
29th Jun 2019, 03:03
Must say agree re the app, yes you have to pay but it’s accurate.

29th Jun 2019, 09:20
3 seats available in business class
1 seat in premium economy class
2 seats in economy class

no other industry discount tickets expected on the flight

I know the Captain, a very good guy, ask for a jump seat if needed

have a safe flight !

29th Jun 2019, 09:28
Great stuff, but again, neither News nor Rumours! I really can't understand what is so difficult about posting in the appropriate forums?

29th Jun 2019, 12:05
Thank you all the the response and load check. Will get the app also.