View Full Version : QNE procedure and oceanic flying

23rd Jun 2019, 08:28
Hello All,

For those familiar with EDTO/ETOP's flying, does your company/regulator have procedures in place for say leaving QNH airspace, you have a depression event and will cruise on QNE setting whilst you would do a turn back to your departure airport and you are in a HF environment. From a airmanship point of view what calls would you make and also would you confirm to the HF operator that you are descending in QNE?

Would it be 121.50 then 123.45 finally the HF sector?

There seems little info on this subject....

23rd Jun 2019, 08:53
Well, the chances of finding someone else at 10,000' QNE in oceanic airspace is fairly slim so I wouldn't be super concerned about it. What do the ICAO contingency procedures have to say about it?