View Full Version : Does anyone own a Bill Anders Signed Index Card?

18th Jun 2019, 16:55

I'm curious does any own a Bill Anders Signed index card or anything similar to an index card?

18th Jun 2019, 18:52
Is that a first day cover?

18th Jun 2019, 20:25
An index card is typically a 3 inches high by 5 inches wide white piece of card. Do you have any Bill Anders autograph's?

18th Jun 2019, 21:49
Not personally but I think I've had sight of an Apollo 8 first day cover - what's your interest?

Bill Anders tripped over me while I rummaged for a lens in my rucksack at Reno once!

19th Jun 2019, 15:54
My interest is astronaut signed autograph's on index card's as i'm making a collection of them :D

19th Jun 2019, 20:30
I know someone who has/had what must be a pretty complete collection of signed first day covers for Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. I don't know if he has any spares and if and for how much he'd be prepared to part with them but I can ask if it's the sort of thing you want.

He had quite a few aviation-themed first day covers signed by many well known and not so well known pilots, including John Farley and PPRuNe Pop both sadly late of this parish.

He did have some spares and very kindly presented me with four Spitfire/Hurricane related covers signed by Bob Stanford-Tuck, Douglas Bader, Alex Henshaw and Jeffrey Quill.

20th Jun 2019, 20:04
That would be amazing yes please, could you ask if he has any astronaut signed index cards too please?

22nd Jun 2019, 19:21
Sorry mate, he's only got the one first day cover... He got them all off e-Bay if you haven't tried there.