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18th Jun 2019, 11:00
Hi Guys.

I apologize if this questions have been answered previously , but I cannot find what I m looking for.

I hold an UK / EASA ATPL with Type ratings and a MEP / DHC6 IRR Class Rating Examiner.

I'm trying to find out if I can transfer it to another authority, INCLUDING the Examiner certificate.

The authorities are very vague about this, sometimes they say yes sometimes no.

Has anyone done it before?
Do Irish or Austrian CAA transfer also Examiner certificates?
Many thanks in advance for you help.

18th Jun 2019, 12:54
Yes, you can.

Everything that is on your license (and your Examiner certificate) will transfer directly to the new CAA.

I have done that before, and its a breeze (then again: Coming from a crappy German LBA, any other CAA is a breeze to work with..).

18th Jun 2019, 14:35
Thanks a lot Hueyracer, The Swiss authority wouldn't do it, maybe the other CAAs are more flexible .
I should try with the Austrians, but nobody answers clearly.

18th Jun 2019, 16:37
I posed this question at the recent EASA Combined Aircrew TeB / FS.TEC meeting. The answer was YES - all valid licence ratings and certificates gained in one Member State shall be included in the new licence following State of Licence Issue transfer. Mutual recognition and no loss of privileges on transfer are embedded in EU law.

The IAA has been particularly at fault over this. They have even refused to accept CRI Aerobatic Instructional privileges from another MS, because "It wasn't their policy". Also FE certificates have been refused after SOLI transfer, because "We have enough of our own". Such restrictions are, in fact, contrary to EU law.

Switzerland might be a bit more awkward as it is a non-EU EASA MS.

One exception is the IR(R), whether using the privileges, instructing or examining. As the IR(R) may only be included in UK-issued Part-FCL licences, no other MS can include it in any licence they issue on transfer. So someone instructing at a UK ATO with a Danish-issued licence cannot provide IR(R) instruction.

22nd Jun 2019, 08:05
That's the best thing about a level playing field, it's exactly the same every where, no where is perfect:*

26th Jun 2019, 00:19
I'm trying to find out if I can transfer it to another authority, INCLUDING the Examiner certificate.

Contradictory observations here above. I can only state my own recent experience.

SOLI-ed UK CAA to IAA, licence with all ratings MEP ME-IR FI with all FI privileges including aerobatics instruction privileges and more AND examiner certificate were transferred, UK CAA and IAA together processed all in a matter of weeks.


5th Jul 2019, 09:32
I am looking at transferring my NL license and examiner rating to UK. I have been told by UK CAA that the examiner rating will not be transferred as it is a national rating and not on my ATPL license :-(

5th Jul 2019, 10:33
Examiner Certificates are not licence privileges, neither are they National Ratings however; the regulation does require that National Authorities devise a process for monitoring Examiners and the issuance of Examiner Certificates. Whilst they cannot refuse to transfer a Certificate attached to an EASA licence,they do have the right to ensure that any Examiner Certificates they choose to issue are in accordance with the procedures laid down Nationally.