View Full Version : Catalina at Inverness EGPE

17th Jun 2019, 22:09
It landed on Saturday afternoon 15/6/19, just before us, and as we taxied in I noticed it had roundels, not a star. I know nothing else. Anyone know anything? Return transatlantic after D Day, or here for some film?

18th Jun 2019, 08:31
It was N9767 on its way back to the US. Apparently resident in France for some years. The Dutch Cat PH-PBY also went to the US about the time the Daks were coming over.

18th Jun 2019, 11:58
New owner is in Oregon.

21st Jun 2019, 19:51
I've seen a video of a Catalina apparently doing a fly-past at Easterton, (EASTE on my moving map) gliding site which was notamed for a gliding competition that weekend. People there are said to have been happy but surprised at its appearance.
There was a Fly-in at Easter (EAST) that weekend,
Both near EGPE Inverness.:)