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14th Jun 2019, 05:31
Mrs DW recorded a bit of TV on the PBS channel about the guys at Old Reinbeck and the aircraft and other restored vehicles. One of their 'newest'aircraft is a DH82a from '42/3 and it carried the reg G-ACOB and written down the side was De Havilland Flight Training. Out of curiosity I looked up the reg, as it sounded early. Seems it was issued to a Miles Hawk in '33 and there is nothing about a DH82a there. Then I wondered if it was a reference to Cobham.... I presume it is on the US register, but written very small somewhere.
They do two displays a week-end. One about the history of flight, including their restored Bleriot 9 and replica Wright Flyer and another of WW1 aircraft.
It caught Mrs DW's attention because she was taken for a flight in a Stearman there, many years ago.

14th Jun 2019, 05:42
I think the Tiger actually wears G-ACDB, in sequence with G-ACDA which having been restored several times is still flying somewhere in the SE UK and the Tiger Club's famous G-ACDC which has been restored numerous times after accidents and still flies with the club. The real 'CDB was impressed as BB725, perhaps written off in RAF service or scrapped.

14th Jun 2019, 06:49
The "fake" G-ACDB is a Morris Motors-built Tiger, originally PG647 with the RAF. It subsequently went to the French AF (with the same serial) and was then on the French civil register for 20 years. It's been on the US register as N3529 since 1972.

14th Jun 2019, 07:24
If I remember correctly that aircraft was operated by Bill King who sadly died in 2016. He took me for a flight in it I think in 1995. A very nice bloke.
PS was the aircraft that Mrs D. W. flew a Stearman. I remember going for a trip in a 3 seater, New Standard D25. At the time.

well worth a trip to Old Rhinebeck. I remember the flying display with The Black Baron of Rhinebeck and the Earl Covington ( in an Avro 504 ) and the subsequent bombing of Der Sausage Factory.

14th Jun 2019, 07:27
Ah, googled the planes and I did get it wrong. G-ACDB
Thanks all.

BTW, the earlier part of the program was about a hang gliding club at Kittihawk that built a Wright glider from 1903 and give people a short experience glide down the dunes there.
While they have tethers on the wings and nose/tail the 'pilot' actually gets to control the flight by weight shift for roll and surfaces for pitch.

14th Jun 2019, 08:20
I booked a ride in the New Standard for after the show and sadly the wind went out of limits during the display and everything got grounded. :(

15th Jun 2019, 05:36
PS was the aircraft that Mrs D. W. flew a Stearman. .
Yes, it was piloted by a church minister...