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13th Jun 2019, 00:14

Darwin 717 base closed to upsize aircraft, only to go back to 100 seat F100s months later...... wtf?

Rated De
13th Jun 2019, 00:40
Originally Posted by Rated De https://www.pprune.org/images/buttons/viewpost.gif (https://www.pprune.org/australia-new-zealand-pacific/622286-alliance-airlines-vs-air-north.html#post10488515)There are scores of A320 to be rotated out of Jetstar.
That the JQ model is saturated is the reason the aircraft need to be sent elsewhere so the AUD$9.5 billion order of A320 and A321 has a home.

Thus the strategy was to link Network and Alliance.
IFF Airnorth remains a weakened position then the entity can chip away at the centre corridor.

The strategy is to use the A320 ex-JQ, by pass the Qantas 'mainline' contract and establish coast to coast subsidiary operations.
It is complemented with the Stream Lead's (the former AIPA President) pivotal role in IR. As part of the brief, the original concept was to demonstrate a shortage exists (due poor remuneration) and expand the 'beach head'
It is well known these entities are struggling for pilot supply. With the re-election of the idiots in Canberra, they are likely emboldened that the IR environment is less hostile to the ambition.

Whether they have sufficient pilots is the Achilles heel.

Try they will.

As was posted in another thread, it begins.

13th Jun 2019, 01:26
From The West Australian this morning

Qantas adds new Broome service as mining work picks upThe continuing pick-up in the resources industry has prompted Qantas to add another Boeing 737-800 NG to its Perth-based fleet and introduce a new Broome to Darwin service.The 737 will arrive on October 27 and is part of a restructure of the fleet that will have a new three times a week service from Broome direct to Darwin using a Fokker 100 jet.
And one Fokker 100 will be relocated to Darwin to take over a daily service to Alice Springs, releasing the 737.To celebrate the launch of the Broome-Darwin service, special fares of $XXX one-way for travel between October 27 to March 27 are available until June 24 this year and are on sale today.

13th Jun 2019, 02:19
The BME-DRW flight has always existed (as an Air North code share).
The fanfare announcement of a F100 to operate this 'new' sector does coincide remarkably well with the need to rotate the Darwin F100 frame back and foward to Perth anyway though :rolleyes:

industry insider
13th Jun 2019, 04:56
Interesting, so TL will now be competing with QF on the BME -DRW route 3 days per week. Doesn't sound good for TL or the connections to KNX. Some of the TL BME-KNX-DRW flights are quite empty.

13th Jun 2019, 07:19
TL haven't been doing BME-DRW direct for a while, so the E-Jet is still doing the BME-KNX-DRW (at least for the time being depending on what happens with them !) So yeah not good for them as on 3 days of the week someone will have the option of getting from BME to DRW without a stop. QF set themselves up nicely to expand it to daily if TL go belly up. Rex have been sniffing around so could see them coming in to do KNX-DRW link if TL end up going under, and QQ have been making noises too.