View Full Version : Australian Army - Helicopter crash 10th June 2019

12th Jun 2019, 11:24
Seems very quite; few details are behind a 'paywall'
Does anyone know much about the Helicopter crash, Eurocopter Tiger from TV pictures?
Army seems to be keeping quite?

12th Jun 2019, 20:10
From the Army Aviation Training Centre Facebook page it appears as though they experienced a wire strike. No mention of a crash though.

Checklist Charlie
13th Jun 2019, 00:32
Why were they flying so high to hit a wire, on the other hand it could well have been the top wire of a fence.

Army Pilots get nose bleed over 10 feet agl


Unregistered User
15th Jun 2019, 01:22
Quite what?

15th Jun 2019, 06:25
They are quiet quite.