View Full Version : Bizarre?

Ken Borough
12th Jun 2019, 07:00
Iím sure thereíre good and valid reasons but why on earth would QF and JQ schedule wide-bodies from Sydney to Bali literally on top of each other? Today a QFA330-300 was due out at 1630 local while Jet* had a B788 due out at 1640. And I thought parallel scheduling ended with the demise of Ansett! (I could be wrong as I often see VA shadowing QF on many routes. 😡)

12th Jun 2019, 07:28
One word - slots.

You get what the Indonesian government gives you. Which is what their national carrier doesnít want. When you build up good loads at a particular time. The slot changes to a local carrier. Rinse and repeat.

Global Aviator
12th Jun 2019, 07:44
Bali is full of Aussie departures - QF, JQ, V from 10pm. The airport can be Kaos!

Sure it’s slot times?

Not airline choices?

Rated De
12th Jun 2019, 09:27
Crew shortage?

12th Jun 2019, 10:55
If there are enough passengers to fill both aircraft - a good way to make sure the Qantas flight is full with the higher yielding pax who want to travel at that time. Let Jetstar with its lower cost base hoover up the cheapest punters who would go with a competitor airline if they were cheaper yet.