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12th Jun 2019, 01:14
Hi everyone,

I've been reading CASA CAAP 82 in regards to EDTO and I want to find out if anyone is in the know if Qantas has already or will be considering starting the process of obtaining approval from CASA for EDTO above 180 for the 787? Really interested to see what airframe will be used post 747 retirement for certain routes.


12th Jun 2019, 03:47
QF 787s are already 240min and soon to be 330min.

Rated De
12th Jun 2019, 03:54
That is a great question.

Many airlines build up ETOPS proficiency in anticipation of ETOPS increases in regulatory limits, securing advantage earlier than others. There are airlines that actively utilise the regulatory framework to their advantage. Many of the competitors have levered this advantage for years.

Such waffle is low hanging fruit. It is nowhere near as important as diversity, social discourse and inclusiveness.