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10th Jun 2019, 11:44
Congrats goes out to Deb Lawrie who was awarded AM today.

50 years of flying also this year. So many bumps along the way but what a journey. Never gave up.

angry ant
10th Jun 2019, 14:56
I suggested an idea to Mad Dog, to which he agreed, to check out Debbie, to get her into ATI.
The idea worked. Some years later we flew together for the first time on a B737 doing a ferry flight to CBR from SYD then continuing on. She was better than many of the other FO's
in ATI.. She was great to fly with!


A very, very happy ant.


angry ant

11th Jun 2019, 00:42
Well deserved. Its a pity Jetstar didn't find a way to hang on to her skills and talents and make her the first female airline Chief Pilot.

11th Jun 2019, 04:36
What’s AM?.......

Goat Whisperer
11th Jun 2019, 05:13
AM is Medal of the Order of Australia.

As modern airline pilots we should all be grateful for Captain Lawrie’s fight. Someone had to be first, and her great integrity and ability disarmed the considerable criticisms the of established pilot corps.

There had to be a first woman, a first Aboriginal, a first openly gay. Captain Laurie made it Less difficult for those who came after her.

Congratulations, Captain.

11th Jun 2019, 07:14
AM is Medal of the Order of Australia.

Nope, an AM is a 'Member of the Order of Australia'. A 'Medal of the Order of Australia' is an OAM. An AM is a higher award than an OAM.

11th Jun 2019, 08:01
Thanks for the explanation. Congratulations to her.

Buster Hyman
11th Jun 2019, 12:49
Big week! All this & a pay rise too!!! :ok:

12th Jun 2019, 08:41
Long time since Deb and I have conversed. A fine lady and one can only be happy for an award such as this for her.

Capt Fathom
12th Jun 2019, 13:29
A fine lady and one can only be happy for an award such as this for her.
On the surface, it looks like a great career, but I bet there has been a lot of shit she has put up with to get to where she is today.

12th Jun 2019, 23:46
but I bet there has been a lot of shit she has put up with to get to where she is today.

Indeed, but the lady has a high level of resilience. Without knowing the background to this award, I suspect that the two might be related ?

13th Jun 2019, 00:59
Surely an inspiration to many current and emerging pilots out there. Well done. A unique and exciting career!

13th Jun 2019, 06:50
Her book, "Letting Fly", tells of her initial battle, her solid Labor roots, and her dogged determination not to be side-lined. Back in the day, as a branch member of the AFAP, she did much to champion the rights of members who were getting a raw deal from management. I had reason then to be grateful for her advice and support. (Another great advocate on the Victorian branch, not to be forgotten, was Julian (Harry) Hipwell. ). Congratulations Deborah.

13th Jun 2019, 07:55
Here is a bit more to her backstory for those unaware..

Starts at about 22.30


13th Jun 2019, 22:08
That was fascinating viewing. Thanks for sharing.

13th Jun 2019, 22:38
Deb was also head of safety at KLM and had her own company teaching safety investigation techniques. I would imagine that her award was also an acknowledgment of her contribution to flight safety.

John Eacott
13th Jun 2019, 23:21
Without detracting from Deb's wonderful achievement, congratulations also to Captain Peter Raven AM, made a Member of the Order of Australia for his services to Aviation Safety :ok:

14th Jun 2019, 01:06
Peter RavenThere's a name from the past. Had Peter as an instructor for one ride only when he first started out in the business, 2:40 of instrument in a 172 (DJB) 23 Jan '66. Thanks for the heads up John.

He certainly has done well with all the qualifications, MAP JP B Avst FRAeS CMILT. Congratulations certainly in order.

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