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8th Jun 2019, 07:06
Some time ago, I purchased a pack of pre-WWII photographs taken in Singapore. Among which were photos of the Atalanta G-ABTJ, a flight of 3 Hawker Horsleys (S1443/M, S1604/P, S1610), a Dutch Glen Martin 139WH M510) and a row of parked Swordfish which one of them has the serial K8387 visible.
I checked online and in the RAFweb, K8387 was among the airframes listed in 824 Squadron.
I am assuming that this photo of the row of Swordfish was taken in Singapore. and if so could they be from HMS Eagle which was docked in Singapore for repairs in 1940?

8th Jun 2019, 12:37
They might have been from No.4 AACU.

9th Jun 2019, 03:59
Thanks dook. That may be another possibility as well.

9th Jun 2019, 19:39
K8387 was with 824 Sqn aboard Eagle in the Far East from Jan 37. On 20 Jan 38 it overshot on landing at Penang, hit a low bank shearing off the undercarriage then crashed in undergrowth, being written off.

10th Jun 2019, 15:35
Thanks Lynxman for the confirmation that the aircraft was from 824 Sqn. I was given the lead also on the newspaper report of this accident.