View Full Version : Crash of Cessna U206B P2-SEE in PNG 17/12/77.

angels one five
31st May 2019, 08:29
The above aircraft crashed at Bundi village in Dec. 1977. The pilot, John Keane, and his eight (?) passengers lost their lives.
The operator was probably TAL and the accident may have occurred on landing.
I would like to confirm the nationality of John Keane. Was he a New Zealander ?
Any information about this accident will be appreciated.

31st May 2019, 09:48
The following is taken from the Balus Vol III book.

Weather was also a factor in the second crash, on 17 December, 1977. The pilot, John Keane, had only recently joined Talair. Aged twenty-five, he had only 421 flying hours logged when he touched down in blinding rain at Bundi in Cessna U206B, P2-SEE, some 450 metres beyond the normal point. The 206 careered, out of control, down the wet and slippery airstrip and plunged down a steep gorge. Keane and his eight passengers, all nationals (and including one child and three babies) died instantly. Inexperience and bad weather make a deadly combination.

Unsure if he was a Kiwi sorry.

tail wheel
31st May 2019, 21:10
Knew John well. It was his second trip to Bundi that Saturday morning. He may have been a Kiwi, not sure and I've lost track of one who would know.

angels one five
20th Jun 2019, 12:10
Thank you both for the information.