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30th May 2019, 13:40
Hi All,

I'm trying to track down a couple of DC-6s - namely "G-APSA" and "V5-NCG" - I can't seem to find any trace of either of them.. I'm not located near either aircraft so can't nip to the airport to take a look.

G-APSA was stored at Coventry but I understood it was planned to scrap it? Not heard anything since so can anyone confirm or deny if it's still in existence (and one piece?)

V5-NCG was owned by Chris Schutte in Namibia (Namibia Commercial Aviation) - after his death, it was up for sale for some time but I saw an article that the aircraft was being flown to the US to be restored (possibly to airshow condition?) It was stored at Eros for a number of years, it may still be there, it hasn't been confirmed.

Working with others on a (potential) DC-6 project so trying to locate all the current airworthy, or near airworthy airframes at the moment.

Much appreciation for any help in advance,


31st May 2019, 08:21
G-APSA is reportedly destined for the new South Wales Aviation Museum at St Athan, obviously after needing to be being dismantled and roaded there, as it hasn't flown for about 10 years.

The only reference to it on the SWAM website (http://swam.online/)is that it's "expected in 2019", so it probably hasn't left Coventry yet.

Re V5-NCG, I believe it's still at Windhoek despite reportedly having been sold to an American aircraft enthusiast. One report suggests that so much is owed in airport charges that it's unlikely ever to leave Eros.

31st May 2019, 08:34
When I was there in February 2019, 'PSA was looking smart parked outside while the DC-6 diner further along ('SIXC?) was looking decidedly in need of some TLC. Hope someone can save both.

Self loading bear
31st May 2019, 17:23
V5NCG still in Windhoek earlier this month last year
Wiki commons (https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:V5-NCG_FYWE_DC-6_May_2018.jpg)

31st May 2019, 19:12
G-APSA was still parked at Coventry last weekend. Apart from a panel absent above the starboard wing root it looked was complete, unlike the two ATPs parked near to it.