View Full Version : ADAPT tests now available to purchase online

28th May 2019, 18:21
ADAPT tests now available to purchase online

Symbiotics are pleased to announce that they are now offering online versions of their aptitude and knowledge based tests that can be purchased directly from them as the only genuine provider of the ADAPT assessments used globally within the industry for pilot selection and assessment.

Symbiotics have developed question banks and new versions of tests to allow you to familiarise yourself with these tests without comprising the integrity of their services provided to airlines and flight training schools.

Available tests include the Future Aptitude Screening Tool (FAST), Maths, Physics, English, Aviation Knowledge and Cognitive Reasoning. You can now purchase ADAPT tests cost-effectively online as and when you need them.

If you would like to use our tests click here to purchase. (https://www.symbioticsltd.co.uk/assessmentAndSelection?a=avia&utm_source=pprune%20post&utm_medium=pprune%20sponsored%20content&utm_campaign=pprune%20ecommerce%20launch%20post&utm_content=pprune%20post%20for%20ecommerce%20launch)