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15th May 2019, 16:43
Symbiotics give away mental wellbeing assessments to Airline Pilots
in support of Mental Health Awareness Week

To help support Mental Health Awareness Week taking place 13 th – 19 th May 2019, Symbiotics are delighted to
offer mental wellbeing assessments to Pilots, with the hope that this will help to further the conversation
around mental health in this marketplace and help individuals to identify if they may be struggling with a
mental health issue.

Symbiotics will provide MHS’ MindQ, a clinically validated mental wellbeing risk assessment for free of charge
during mental health week, up to a maximum of 250 licenses. MindQ is a short online assessment that takes
10-15 minutes to complete and helps to identify those at risk of mental ill-health. The assessment covers a
range of issues that can impact an individual’s mental wellbeing including looking at Emotional Satisfaction
(Job, Material, Personal), Anxiety, Depression, Stress coping, Drugs and Alcohol.
Symbiotics’ Chief Occupational Psychologist, Karen Moore, says

“With the EASA changes to mandate Pilot Psychological evaluations we are seeing some airlines starting to put
in place Peer support programmes and looking to raise awareness of mental health to normalize the
conversation. A recent survey we undertook of Pilots shows that there is still a significant way to go in the
industry implementing solutions to identify those a risk of suffering from mental health conditions. We see the
need to identify issues early as critical to enable people to get the right help as soon as possible and keep
people in work. MindQ has been in use by Symbiotics for the last 6 months and we have so far data from
almost 500 pilots that show during the feedback sessions, MindQ to be an excellent indicator of an individual’s
mental state.”

Mental Health still has a stigma attached to it, which Symbiotics are helping to remove. By offering these
assessments free of charge including, where appropriate, a feedback telephone conversation with one of our
Psychologists, it is hoped that Pilots will start to talk about the subject of mental health more openly. All
conversations and assessment findings being treated in strictest confidence, with no information being
disclosed to a third party.

Karen Moore continues “It would be great to giveaway more assessments, however, we have to be mindful of
the number of individuals whose results may require a feedback session and therefore have had to limit it in
order to ensure we can honour all the feedback sessions. Current research suggests as many as 1 in 4 Pilots are
currently experiencing mental health concerns”.

If you are a pilot and would like to take MindQ mental wellbeing risk assessment for free, visit the Symbiotics
website here to get your licence code. This offer is only open to the first 250 pilots to get in touch, so don’t

https://cimg5.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/1200x627/world_mental_health_day_2019_1_1__9cc7ef6ef589c9ffbb97b164eb 41a24bc64f5250.png (https://www.symbioticsltd.co.uk/pilotGiveaway?utm_source=Mental%20Health%20Week&utm_medium=Pprune&utm_campaign=Mental%20Health%20Week&utm_content=MHpprune)