View Full Version : Need of flight instructor standarisation on small organisations?

15th May 2019, 12:33
Hi everyone,

I would like to ask your opinion on flight instructor standarisation flight(s). Are they really needed on small schools providing instructors are current on type/variant?
If yes, how many hours do you see sensible?

I struggle to find anything written in PART-ORA.

Thanks in advance!!

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15th May 2019, 16:13
Yes they are. Everyone has their own interpretation of how the job should be done. In a school we ensure that everything is done to the same standard. This means when needed a student can change Instructors and it ensures that the Instructor is checked on a regular basis. All my staff are standardised yearly.

15th May 2019, 19:08
Thanks S-Works, may i know how many hours are you giving (initial then refresher)?

Your help is appreciated

16th May 2019, 05:57
Some countries (Civil Aviation Authority) made it compulsory for flying schools to conduct Standardization flights.

Also there are PPC flights (Pilot Proficiency Check) for CPL then for IR and then for FIR.
All 3 PPC's can be done in one flight too. It can differ depending on each authority and its regulations.

16th May 2019, 08:52
It can differ depending on each authority and its regulations. There is only one set of EASA regulations, but EASA do not seem to understand the concept of Standardisation. They naievely believe that haveing a standard set of regulations solve the problem, but they are so poorly conceived and drafted that no two people interpret them the same way.

16th May 2019, 12:42
When I ran a flying club several years ago, the policy was that all FIs should instruct PPL topics using the same methods - e.g. 'point-and-power' for the final approach and 'standard closing angle' for visual navigation - and used the standard navigation routes in our training manual. But they were free to use their own style.

A couple of them confused students by using methods which weren't our standard - and inventing navigation routes of their own which weren't in our manual, even though the weather was fine for the standard routes. They were a PITA and were advised of the error of their ways!

16th May 2019, 14:26
Standardisation is clearly important but the UK CAA does not require standardisation flights, particularly in small organisations. Ground standardisation is considered to satisfy the requirement.

23rd Jun 2019, 20:51
Thanks gentlemens for your kind replies!!