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15th May 2019, 12:04
Hi People
Some years ago there was a thread on the proon from one of us who went under the monicker of CAPT NOTORIUS . He was an Aussie who started out in the RAAF and after a less than encouraging relationship moved to PNG and ended up his days as an "ICE PILOT" in the far north of North America.

I remember spending a whole night reading his posts and as far as I remember the posts were repeated (or to be repeated) on the anniversary of his death caused by the big C.

If anybody, maybe the mods, remember these posts I would love to see and read them again. They were an absolute joy.

Cheers all


Drop and Stop
15th May 2019, 13:11
Tales of an Old Aviator (https://www.pprune.org/aviation-history-nostalgia/117465-tales-old-aviator-big-chill.html?highlight=Duke+elegant)

its not Duke Elegant you are thinking of?

Timmy Tomkins
17th May 2019, 08:27
Thanks for brinign that to my attention; amazing stuff.

17th May 2019, 15:58
Yes. Yes indeed.

It is the nature of modern technology, but I find it...distressing that all those links to photographs no longer work.

20th May 2019, 05:38
Thanks Drop +, it was indeed The Duke I was thinking about.
I have just finished reading all of the thread again and whilst I remembered how his illness ended I still cried like a baby when I read it again.
One of the very good people.



24th May 2019, 04:51
Some of the pictures can be found on archive.org

old avcanada albums (https://web.archive.org/web/20041216200000/http://www.avcanada.ca/albums/thumbnails.php?album=7&page=3)

28th May 2019, 22:39
Just read Duke’s thread. It leaves me almost speechless.

It is heartbreaking that so many stories died with him.