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11th May 2019, 18:15
Barnes Wallis' daughter, Marie Stopes-Roe who helped out in her father's experiments on the bouncing bomb has passed away. More here (https://dambustersblog.com/).

12th May 2019, 14:10
Mary (as in the link) rather than Marie.

I met her a couple of times - she was lovely, and rather amused that not only is my wife's birthday 17 May (morning after the Dams Raid) but our wedding anniversary is her father's birthday - we wern't aware when the date was set.

13th May 2019, 15:26
Mary (as in the link) rather than Marie.
Oops: thanks for pointing out the error.

13th May 2019, 22:17
Marie Stopes was the mother of Mary's husband, Dr Harry Stopes-Roe (whom I met many times in the 1990s) Marie Stopes (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Stopes)and by all accounts (Harry's included) she was a formidble woman.

17th May 2019, 08:27
...and, as I now understand it, there's a familial link to the Roe dynasty of Avro fame.