View Full Version : VARIG 767 uncontained engine failure

4th Aug 2002, 20:58
To all you 767 drivers have a look at http://aviation-safety.net/pictures/incidents/20000607-I-d-1.htm It could happen to you!

Kalium Chloride
4th Aug 2002, 22:12
I don't mean to sound critical but the data suggests this happened two years ago and that an airworthiness directive was subsequently issued in an effort to prevent further occurrences.

What is the point you're making, exactly, sir?

4th Aug 2002, 22:24
Probably that it is quite interesting regardless of when it happend !

4th Aug 2002, 22:27
Thank you, Lartington, on behalf of all 767 drivers, for your timely warning that it could happen to us. Could I humbly suggest that your advice be extended to those who fly -C2 equipped A300/310 B747-400 and MD11, in case they missed it?

Having flown with the said Generals for more than a decade, I have found them to be highly reliable and robust companions in my endeavours to defy gravity. My experience with the venerable Rollers (RB211-E535) has proved equally satisfactory.

All things mechanical occasionally throw a wobbly, however well-designed they may be. That's why engineers constantly analyse performance, and we drivers practice an unexpected hiccup or two in the sim, every six months or so.

Like Kal C, I am curious as to your point.

6th Aug 2002, 17:21
Sorry to upset everyone with my comments. Of course it can't and won't happen to you.

Golden Rivet
6th Aug 2002, 19:10
CF6-80C2 also recently suffered 10-14 HPC spool cracking.

A step change in Eng Vib levels may be indicating you are just about to have a bad day.

9th Aug 2002, 20:52
Following Golden Rivet's advice, "Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread" I shall immediately do so ...

"A step change in Eng Vib levels may be indicating you are just about to have a bad day." I would think that is indicative of any motorised device. Be it a washing machine, motor bike or one of your donkey's.

It seems likely that a failure (uncontained or otherwise) can happen to any engine at any time on any flight but that the folks up the pointy end have had that mentioned to them when they became pilots.