View Full Version : Alliance New Pilot Base

3rd May 2019, 21:43
I was listening to Capricorn ABC yesterday and the Mayor of Rockhampton came on and talked about a new pilot base of Rocky for Alliance. Any truth to this and for what commercial advantage?

4th May 2019, 12:15
Alliance Airlines spreads its wings to Rockhampton - The Queensland Cabinet and Ministerial Directory (http://statements.qld.gov.au/Statement/2019/5/3/alliance-airlines-spreads-its-wings-to-rockhampton)

4th May 2019, 13:08
Does this mean 30 full time jobs in BNE will be transferred to ROK ?

Capn Bloggs
5th May 2019, 00:26
Arr, Rockvegas. Been there, done that. Is the Bruns still in action? http://www.smilies.our-local.co.uk/index_files/drink.gif

Some of my compatriots used to live in Grubb St. Says it all, really!