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30th Apr 2019, 21:30
Hi, seen a post recently with some obtaining a "Sep complex rating" what is the official title for this training? Differences? Familiarisation? Or endorsement?
Google search shows a lot of differing opinions.
Obviously not a rating as the post suggested. Lol
Thanks all.

Genghis the Engineer
30th Apr 2019, 22:45
In EASAland, assuming you mean something like an Arrow, not something like a PC12, it's "differences".


30th Apr 2019, 23:46
"Sep complex rating" Doesn't exist under EASA

1st May 2019, 06:19
Thanks guys, :ok:

1st May 2019, 06:20
The nearest you'll have is an SEP Class Rating in the licence, plus VP and RG signed off in the pilot's log book signed by the instructor who conducted the variant differences training.

2nd May 2019, 08:06
If you complete the differences training for constant speed / RG does this have an expiry?

2nd May 2019, 08:17
No expiry on differences for SEP, but MEP yes in certain circumstances.

For completeness, GM1 to FCL.700 shows the circumstances in which differences are required and FCL.710(b) shows validity.

2nd May 2019, 12:54
Thank you. Appreciate the help. :ok:

3rd May 2019, 08:10
On the EASA logbook, I believe that instead of RG the correct is RU.
VP is ok

3rd May 2019, 16:01
:ok: thanks

15th Jun 2019, 09:49
On the EASA logbook,
FCL.050 Recording of flight time
The pilot shall keep a reliable record of the details of all flights flown in a form and manner established
by the competent authority.
In the UK that is Article 228 of the UK ANO where the only reference to differences training is in relation to National licences.
FCL710 states:
(c) The differences training shall be entered in the pilotís logbook or equivalent record and signed by
the instructor as appropriate. What they write or how they sign it is entirely up to the instructor. In the case of Electronic Log Books an equivalent record may be required.