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Dr Jekyll
30th Apr 2019, 06:01
There are a few references on the web to a picture of a Vulcan bomber supposedly photographed over the Mekong Delta in 1965. Does anyone know if it was really taken there (seems unlikely) and if so what a Vulcan might have been doing there at fairly low altitude?

30th Apr 2019, 11:45
Definitely over the Mekong:

https://cimg9.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/900x675/raf_vulcan_over_mekong_delta_1965_cbe335ad529297285f4519043f 8135cec7702521.jpg

No doubt about it, I recognise that bit of sky. :O

30th Apr 2019, 11:49
It was operating from Butterworth I think.

30th Apr 2019, 12:07
Yep definitely the Mekong: I recognize that sky anywhere.