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17th Apr 2019, 04:54
Vale Captain Alan James. Former WWII RAAF, Ansett Airlines Senior Executive, Flight Operations Inspector Civil Aviation Authority, Original Setup and Director of Training British Aerospace/Ansett Flying College Tamworth.

Alan Passed away 15 April 2019.
The funeral service will be conducted Easter Saturday, 20 April 19, at 1030 AM at the All Saints Uniting Church, Ainslie, ACT. The family has requested any flowers or donations be reserved for veterans charities of choice.
For those who may wish to contact the family Maurie Baston will be pleased to pass any message on via email …[email protected]

17th Apr 2019, 09:57
Another one passes. Alan James was very influential in my Ansett career - not only did he conduct my DC-9 conversion but he was very helpful and supportive when I found myself in Flight Department position a few years later. Seemingly rather withdrawn and serious, nevertheless he was very knowledgeable indeed, enthusiastic and would go out of his way to help. RIP Alan.

Checklist Charlie
17th Apr 2019, 09:59
RIP Alan, he was one of the good guys.


17th Apr 2019, 21:10
I knew him well.

A true gentleman.

RIP Alan

19th Apr 2019, 08:32
Flew quite a bit with Alan on Viscounts during the mid sixties. A very dedicated and professional operator. As F/O saw many Capts put through the wringer on "clearance to line " checks by Alan. Took around 4 days to cover the 3 variations of the Viscount and Alan was thorough. As a very junior F/O he came across as very different to the average run of the mill line Capts but I got used to this, enjoyed flying with him and saw standards that were to be aspired to. RIP.

19th Apr 2019, 23:19
RIP Alan .

20th Apr 2019, 00:10
A consummate professional. After RAAF service Alan joined QF and then AN in 1950 before retiring from Ansett in 1984. A further career move saw Alan join DCA or whatever it was called at the time to become a B767 Examiner of Airmen. RIP Alan