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10th Apr 2019, 13:35
I can not find an answer in the regulations to this query. I am doing an NPPL(TMG) NST on someone this week but a little stuck:

Candidate has an existing NPPL(m) and a UK PPL (A) with and expired SEP rating.

All requirements have been met, but, in order to accept the requirements for theoretical exams required for the TMG, does the UK PPL need a valid rating for the exams to be credited?

Any help always very gratefully received! There is lots about what is needed, just canít find if it all must be current.

While on that, are there any FIEs out there willing to test someone on a TMG?

10th Apr 2019, 22:40
TMG is an EASA rating and cannot be added to a NPPL. You can add a SLMG rating to a NPPL or a TMG to an EASA PPL.
As the candidate holds both a NPPL and a UK PPL they can add the new rating without the existing rating being current.
NPPL details can be found here: NPPL Home Page (http://www.nationalprivatepilotslicence.co.uk/index.html)

11th Apr 2019, 09:39
Thanks Whopity
i did mean SLMG, just forgot myself for a moment.

Regarding another pilot with EASA PPL (SEP & TMG), he wants to do an FI course to teach lapl but use a TMG for course and AOC/test. I have not heard of any FIE testing a candidate for an FI rating based on a TMG. Spinning of course needs a suitable ac

11th Apr 2019, 10:18
There are very few FIEs qualified on TMG, possibly no more than 5. Apart from the BGA I don't see anyone offering a FI Course on the TMG. If he does an aeroplane FI course and has the TMG Class rating then he can teach the LAPL on either aircraft.

11th Apr 2019, 12:37
Find an examiner here: https://www.caa.co.uk/General-aviation/Learning-to-fly/Finding-an-examiner/
FIEs here: http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP%201585c%20-%20FIE.pdf (7 x TMG)

Although how you find them from a list of names ...

11th Apr 2019, 19:39
He wants me to teach the FIC using his TMG rather than the C152 that we have. Iím not sure itís been done like this before. He has no intention of ever teaching SEP, just in BGA club TMGs.
If I did run a FUC like this, would it be a first?

11th Apr 2019, 19:51
I would have thought the BGA SLMG route would be more appropriate and well established.

11th Apr 2019, 20:58
I would think so too but it may be to use resettlement money if I read his intentions correctly