View Full Version : [AAL] American Airlines discontinues New Zealand flights?

4th Apr 2019, 09:44
On October 28, 2018, American Airlines started daily service from Los Angeles to Auckland and back on the Boeing 787, see

In January two flights from Auckland to Los Angeles, one being the original flight, the other one being a flight to make up for the first one's cancellation were cancelled by American due to 6 out of 13 crew members for those flights getting sick.

Strangely enough the same month a flight from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale had something similar happen

In late March, right before AA stopped their NZ flights, they cancelled one more. Here is a twitter thread with an upset flyer who apparently filed a report with the US DOT over their cancelled flight and how they received no compensation besides free hotel stays. www.twitter.com/AmericanAir/status/1109602603464306688

As of April first, both American Airlines flights AA82 Auckland to Los Angeles and AA83 Los Angeles to Auckland had their flight numbers switched to different flights, and no more flights are being sold.

I haven't been able to find any information about this online, there was no update or post about them stopping the flights that were said to be daily. Was this just another seasonal flight, or is there some other non-public reason for stopping these flights like it being a flight that's just not popular for AA, etc?

dragon man
5th Apr 2019, 03:39
That’s very interesting I just tried to book a flight in May back in July and it puts me thru Sydney.

Beer Baron
5th Apr 2019, 06:09
I imagine this is a route Qantas and AA want to jointly market under their partnership agreement which is still awaiting ratification. Perhaps they are having trouble filling it themselves and have quietly pulled it but hope to resume services if the partnership is approved.

Just a guess.

I know Qantas are waiting on the outcome to decide what routes to fly with their new 787ís. Expect a new US route if it is approved or somewhere else if itís not.

5th Apr 2019, 21:07
It's been a seasonal route for a while.

7th Apr 2019, 12:26
Are traffic numbers falling off to the USA ?. Delta are selling SYD-LAX return at AUD683 at present. Virgin are selling at AUD713 return.

7th Apr 2019, 12:40
The cheapest I have ever seen a SYD-LAX return is AUD $1000. I think you are quoting fares in USD