View Full Version : Growing crops at YPAD to reduce runway temperatures

3rd Apr 2019, 13:34
by as much as 3C, claimed, and they are trying to reduce attraction to birds:


i (https://indaily.com.au/news/science-and-tech/2019/04/03/why-adelaide-airport-has-been-growing-crops-next-to-its-runway/)

3rd Apr 2019, 14:05
The ultra long haul flights depart after sunset. I fail to see the point of this considering how short the flights are out of there during the bulk of the day. Iím not aware of any offloading problems at Adelaide due to heat.

Melbourne would probably benefit more with such a trial. Two problem flights in high temps are the Virgin and Etihad 777 arvo departures which are often restricted.

3rd Apr 2019, 19:35
I am sure that with such a high security area that medicinal cannabis could be grown successfully for the benefit of all��

3rd Apr 2019, 21:13
I am sure that with such a high security area that medicinal cannabis could be grown successfully for the benefit of all��

Its comments like this is why PPRuNe needs a "Like" button!

3rd Apr 2019, 23:03
How about the takeoff into cool air near the runway (Lower Density Altitude) and then climbing into the warmer area on departure (Higher Density Altitude). This could be a new form of windshear on departure!
And of course the temperature would be specific to the runways closest to the grass. I can just imagine the ATIS.

4th Apr 2019, 04:25
Where is Adelaide?

4th Apr 2019, 04:44
Where is Adelaide?

Adelaide was cancelled from Australia some time ago now, even the Churches are going out of business! . It's just a big country airport now, kinda like a CTAF with a curfew:O

The Banjo
4th Apr 2019, 06:13
If they choose the right crop eg canola they will have more galahs than federal parliament at sitting time. Have a bird curfew from sunrise to sunset, fly for a few hours then close for the noise curfew.

KZ Kiwi
4th Apr 2019, 06:55
Where is Adelaide?

Not far enough from Sydney or Melbourne unfortunately

4th Apr 2019, 09:54
Definitely not far enough from Canberra!

4th Apr 2019, 11:39
I wonder if it has something to do with the constant irrigation? Maybe half an inch of water 3 nights a week is really what's helping those "smaller domestic aircraft such as the A330". Luckily cropping activities at Adelaide Downs are not interrupted by pesky aircraft movements very often. :E

Kulwin Park
4th Apr 2019, 21:22
I am sure that with such a high security area that medicinal cannabis could be grown successfully for the benefit of all��

LOVE IT AND TOTALLY AGREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But what happens when you do an over-run into the cannabis crop, the plane is on fire, and everyone is walking around high on the burning crop?? :-)

4th Apr 2019, 22:05
Better than shopping centres/DFOs/Costcos, I guess...

5th Apr 2019, 02:44
hope the hotels on the opposite corners to the churches are still going. they were the best part of Adelaide.

5th Apr 2019, 04:19
Where is Adelaide?

some people are just ignorant.

Atlas Shrugged
5th Apr 2019, 05:04
What sort of clodpole came up with this idea...... nothing short of a totally pointless exercise, which has no intent other than giving an appearance of doing something.

5th Apr 2019, 07:56
I'm surprised crops on an airfield would be considered.

This is a direct quote from the United Flight 232 (DC-10 Sioux City crash)

Furthermore, The FAA has no guidance for ARFF operations in unique terrain, where crops can limit visibility and mobility. Considering the visibility constraints on emergency responders and terrain limitations, the FAA should reassess its policy that allows crops to be cultivated on certificated airports. The Safety Board believes that the FAA should ensure that surface obstructions, including certain agricultural crops should not be present where they might interfere with rescue and firefighting activities.

United Airlines Flight 232, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10, Sioux Gateway Airport (https://www.fss.aero/accident-reports/dvdfiles/US/1989-07-19-US.pdf)

5th Apr 2019, 09:41
Adelaide is surrounded by windmills that cool the planet. Are they not working?

5th Apr 2019, 13:48
Just wondering is the official BOM for Adelaide at the airport?
If it is, the next headline we see in the local rag maybe about the temperature cooling and how GW being reversed.

5th Apr 2019, 21:39
Heard this joke the other day .

Q: What did South Australians do for lights before candles ?

A: They had electric lights powered by coal generated electricity !

6th Apr 2019, 09:42
Melbourne airport will soon be home to Australiaís largest state-of-the-art medical marijuana facility after signing a deal with ASX-listed medicinal cannabis grower Cann Group.