View Full Version : Virgin 737 FO NZ 2019

2nd Apr 2019, 12:50
Are these positions paid in AUD and are you employed by VA or another company?

Would a NZ based 737 FO be thwarted from returning home to an AUS base by all the VARA crowd seniority?

Thanks in advance.

Summer Lovin
2nd Apr 2019, 13:34
VANZ pay in NZ dollars on their own agreement, in the same way Virgin domestic is different from international etc.
Anyone who joins VANZ, VARA, Tiger, Virgin Domestic or International will take a seniority number and get in line for future basings, AC types and upgrades. All groups now have a common seniority list and all pilots can bid for work on all fleets.
In other words you might wait a while for what you want, but some Aussie based jobs come up quickly due to their lack of popularity; A lowish payscale in an expensive city is an example.
In my humble opinion, a VANZ 737 FO is a pretty good place to start. The pay ainít bad and the flying is interesting too.

Mr Google Head
2nd Apr 2019, 20:54
Agree with summer than VAINZ is a good place to get on the list. One thing to keep in mind is that when you join VAINZ you commit to a (36?) month freeze so even if you’re senior enough for a transfer within this time you have to wait for this bond in which time potentially junior pilots to you can be awarded the position that you want.