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23rd Mar 2019, 17:54
This one by email....

does it ask me what I think is good and what needs to be improved - no
does it ask me about the useless food service on short haul - no
does it ask me if I can feel my bum after 2 hours on a rock-hard seat in economy - no
does it ask me if I want to be a volunteer to decontaminate the exec lounges at T5 LHR - no

But I am asked

Do Ba share my aspirations? Am I proud to fly BA?? Are BA a uplifting, moral sort of beacon to the youth of the world???

If I wanted a religion I'd find it myself thanks...............

23rd Mar 2019, 19:25
Indeed. A questionnaire I was asked to complete (not airline) went through the same rubbish where they want you to say how brilliant they are and tick non-sensical boxes about how the company makes you 'feel'. There was no box marked 'pi$$ed off'.

What I find most interesting about these stupid 'surveys' is that they avoid detail, as Asturias56 says. They avoid asking WHY you don't like the project/product. They avoid 'free text' replies because they cannot be handled by computer and so they cost more money to run. The most ridiculous asked me to choose an image from those offered that 'best captures the personality of someone who would prefer to use Microsoft' I can quote direct as I saved a copy to show others how barmy it was. There followed a long selection of images from a fairground ride, a bunch of strawberries, three fish on the slab, a bunch of keys and ... it went on for 186 images. (I still have the file!). How do they imagine, I am going to identify such an amorphous idea from 186 off the peg images? What meaning could the result possibly have? One image showed a large spanner - which did appeal to me - but I just dropped out as they clearly have no idea what they want or how to actually survey for opinion.

23rd Mar 2019, 20:31
These surveys seem to me to be a money making machine. Last year we returned from Rotterdam to Hull by ferry... again. Upon my return there was a 'monkey' survey as to my thoughts. I filled it in, stating I was unhappy with the trip giving detailed reasons. The, top and pricey, cabins had been changed. Instead of two single beds, some 'suit' building a career had made a double bed with a bulkhead. One of the two had to climb over the partner to get out. Not a brilliant way of pleasing customers. I pointed out that we were loyal and happy travellers up to this trip. We had spent in excess of L25,000 within the last 12 years... we lived in NL and now the UK. I further pointed out that we were now looking at alternative ways of sailing with the car. No response, I cannot be bothered to take it further. Anyone worried... no, money has been made by 'consultants' and until the ferry company fails, and we loved the crews, nothing will change. Corporate ignorance. We now go north to go south, via Newcastle, better, superb, but who cares.
I despair at modern 'management'.

Bill Macgillivray
23rd Mar 2019, 20:40
Simple answer to these ridiculous questionaires (from all sources) - delete!!

Hotel Tango
23rd Mar 2019, 22:15
Simple answer to these ridiculous questionaires (from all sources) - delete!!

Exactly what I do. They are A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!

24th Mar 2019, 15:47
Y-e-e-s but I did enjoy filling in one where it was clear which company it was for and they DID have place for free text entry "Please tell us why you said you would never purchase these products?" I enjoyed telling them exactly why - eventhough it made no difference to them, I hope someone liked reading it.

24th Mar 2019, 15:48
Simple answer to these ridiculous questionaires (from all sources) - delete!!

Can I ask you to complete this short survey as to why you delete surveys?

1 is it because you have had a bad experience whilst completing them

2 does not completing surveys give you a feeling of calm

3 when deleting surveys do you seek assistance from other like minded people.

We look forward to not receiving your responses to this survey and assure you that your non compliance is very much appreciated by all of us.

24th Mar 2019, 17:16
....and the small print at the bottom usually has some weasel words which say something meaning “don’t worry, no matter how bad you say we are, we promise not to follow it up or do anything about your issue”

24th Mar 2019, 19:30
PAXboy... quad erat demonstrandum.

24th Mar 2019, 22:17
err zed .... QUOD erat demonstrandum!

25th Mar 2019, 12:27
does it ask me if I want to be a volunteer to decontaminate the exec lounges at T5 LHR - no
..Or was my experience enhanced by the cleaning lady in one of the T5 Galleries who stands outside the men's toilets complaining about how long individuals are taking in there?
..Or how a two hour delayed DUS/LHR last week resulted in several missed connections with the evening LHR/CPT, yet the planned later flight which in fact left over an hour earlier than the delayed one apparently went with empty seats?
..Or why, having paid to put a bag in the hold, I should then be inconvenienced by having to place my albeit modestly sized single piece of hand baggage beneath the seat in front of me thereby limiting the space available for my feet, to make room for someone insistent on bringing their oversized roller-bag on board for free?

Impress to inflate
25th Mar 2019, 22:56
I screen shot the questionnaire (that's normally biased towards a positive) and email the CEO with my real feelings and answers, that works !

26th Mar 2019, 13:35
Q1: How do you like being in Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf?

28th Mar 2019, 09:41
Ratings on a certain cruise line...

1-6 ignored, they are so bad that you will obviously not use them again.
7-8 ignored, they indicate no strong feelings.
9-10 studied as useful comments.

I believe this is a widely used system.

29th Mar 2019, 07:19
Thumbs up for Avis at LAX, though. Went biblical on the usual questionnaire having waited 30 minutes in the Preferred line to find that they’d run out of (reserved) cars and a further 30 minutes for them to find (and misplace) one for me.
Ops Manager contacted via email with a quite generous compensation.