View Full Version : United Airlines passenger facing up to 21 years for drunkenly assaulting flight atten

22nd Mar 2019, 03:08
An Australian woman was found guilty on assault charges for slapping and yelling at a United Airlines crew member while on an international flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles International Airport on January 21 of this year.
What do we think is appropriate punishment here ? I reckon 21 years is excessive but certainly a years jail,$5000 fine and life ban from United would seem fair to me.
Anyone have other views?

22nd Mar 2019, 08:12
A hefty fine, compensation to the cabin crew she assaulted and a blanket ban on flying on any airline.

Gulf Julliet Papa
23rd Mar 2019, 00:53
So th key words is “up to”, so very unlikely she will get.

If the passenger had assaulted the cabin attendant to the point of incapacitation then what would be suitable sentence? What if there was an evacuation afterwards and due to the incapacition passengers died, then what would be a suitable sentence?

When the passenger decided to assault the crew they did not know how the flight would end (evacuation or not) or if a blow would incapacitate the crew. Due to their selfish actions they potentially put other crew and passengers at risk for no reason.