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19th Mar 2019, 20:45

From a Reuters report:

Plane Catches Fire At Iran Airport, 100 Evacuated Unhurt: ReportPir-Hossein Kolivand said the fire broke out after the aircraft's landing gear did not open properly, and was later brought under control.
Reuters (https://www.ndtv.com/topic/reuters) | Updated: March 20, 2019 01:04 IST GENEVA: An airliner caught fire on landing at Tehran's Mehrabad airport on Tuesday but all 100 passengers were evacuated without injury, the head of Iran's emergency department said on state television.

Pir-Hossein Kolivand said the fire broke out after the aircraft's landing gear did not open properly, and was later brought under control.

The airplane was a Fokker 100 belonging to Iran Air, the Fars news agency reported.
The pilot was not able to open the back wheels of the plane and circled the airport attempting to open all the wheels before landing the plane on its body, according to Fars.

20th Mar 2019, 15:44
Some landing video here - https://www.9news.com.au/2019/03/20/12/18/middle-east-news-aviation-iran-plane-evacuated-fire-tehran

Looks like the "fire" was just the impressive shower of sparks from the gear-up landing and skid. Dies down rapidly as the aircraft slows. Probably foamed as a precautionary measure (quite rightly).

20th Mar 2019, 20:39
Fokker 100, gear problems, who would have thought it Huh :rolleyes:

20th Mar 2019, 21:22
Fokker 100, gear problems, who would have thought it Huh :rolleyes:
We had 9 for over 10 years.
No gear up landings, a couple of inflight shutdowns. Excellent dispatch reliability. Fun to fly.
As long as the engineers were on top of them. .......

Hotel Tango
21st Mar 2019, 00:32
captplaystation, you're not getting confused with the Dash-8 are you?

21st Mar 2019, 00:40
No the F100 had a lot of landing gear issues, in fact the KLM F100 involved in the right gear collapse at GVA in 1989 (2nd item below) was only 2 months old.

blind pew
21st Mar 2019, 10:45
Iirc the gear was from the fokker 50.
I was on one of the first courses when it was launched. We fitted DC9 shimmy dampers which only partly solved the problem as at extremely light weights we would get an ossilation and if you weren't strapped in properly you wouldn't be able to hit the brakes. Had it on the first Sunday after the new Munich airport opened and I grounded the aircraft. Ossilation triggered by the joints in the taxi way...like a Belgium or yank motorway.

After KLM at GVA a new gear was developed by Marucci? But after certification, during a flapless landing at max weight demo, it collapsed with the press on board.
Did a low fly past for GVA tower to inspect it after multiple bird strikes...took out a downlock microswitch.
Pussy cat to fly and managed to get 16,700 fpm on the clock once. Wasnt popular with the cabin crew though.

21st Mar 2019, 16:41
Wasnt popular with the cabin crew though.

I flew as CC in these. We were trained on this, 733, 734, DC9 etc. and it always worried me that (on ours at least) there were no exits aft of the overwing ones. And they rattled like Hell!

21st Mar 2019, 16:46
Good grief. How old are these aircraft? They were in Iran when I flew from KWI 1993 (I think).

21st Mar 2019, 17:03
Fantom, they were manufactured from 1988 to 1997 with 283 built in total. As of July, 2017 113 were still in use, with significant numbers in Australia and Iran.

21st Mar 2019, 17:26
IR has 15 F100 all built between 1990 and 1996. Not really old. Western carriers have older A320s flying...


21st Mar 2019, 18:28
Iirc the gear was from the fokker 50.

I think (hope) you mean from the F.28. That wouldn't be surprising as the Fokker 100 is, for certification purposes, just an F.28 variant.

Hard to transfer a landing gear from a high-wing turboprop to a low-wing jet. :O

blind pew
21st Mar 2019, 21:59
Just knew it wasnt up to the job..when I grounded the aircraft the trouble shooter arrived and told me he had refused acceptance of the fleet only to be over ruled.
besides the gear, thick wing without slats, aircon compressor under the cockpit, the three position air brake and a nav system that dropped out when you most needed it, it was a good aircraft.
ps forgot about the miniscule freight holds.

22nd Mar 2019, 09:18
And 35 min taken to F350 with a full load CDG-HEL . . . . it could sure come down though . . . and Eco cruise Mach , certainly at 2000 fuel prices, beginning with a 6. Wing was thick but totally intolerant of icing, 2 hull losses due to take off with contamination proved that beyond doubt.
It was ahead of its time for nuisance warnings though, ping, ping ping, ping ping ping anyone.
The ones I flew had only a Loo in the back too, made for one of my most uncomfortable approaches , following holding, and subsequent taxy-in at CDG, couldn't force myself to park up on the taxiway and make the walk of shame. We had to wait for the parking stand too.

Made an interesting 1yr interlude in a 30 yr Boeing career though, till the bank pulled the plug 9 days after 9 11.