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19th Mar 2019, 12:22
Saw this on youtube. Qantas Group CEO was interviewed on 60 Minutes recently. Below is the interview. For those interested.


19th Mar 2019, 14:46
inspirational, a true man of the people.

bravo, it was all you alan, not the talking the international operation into 'terminal decline' and running to the government for a loan, not the massive depreciation charges you wrote off on the 747's to make them 'worthless' in 2013 (6 years ago but still flying them today), not the sub $1 share price that eventuated causing the short term performance incentives for senior management to be reached quite easily and millions to be awarded to said management in share disbursements. you did it mate, the pilots, rampies and engineers you went to war with really have changed their ways since you shut the place down (read: not at all).

19th Mar 2019, 20:07
2 grubs right there!

Rated De
19th Mar 2019, 20:14
What an adorable couple.

Of course with Karl and his entourage safely in First class all the way to the USA, sources suggest a a substantive discount (all) who could possibly imagine that this might influence the 'hard hitting' interview?
Likely to be in the Chairman's lounge too.

Soft corruption helps keep a narrative

dragon man
19th Mar 2019, 20:45
Does the interview come with its own sick bags?

Rated De
19th Mar 2019, 23:35
Soft corruption at work.
So Little Napoleon will take a stand and strip Mr Anning of Chairman's lounge benefits.
A benefit apparently freely given, with no ulterior motivation, and not publicly disclosed, now is shown for what it is; corruption.
Mr Anning has not been charged with an offence, yet Qantas, rather like all soft corruption corporates decide unilaterally that it doesn't fit a selected narrative.
What is next, anybody who does not explicitly support homosexual marriage is also excluded?

Therefore any assertion that the Chairman's lounge access isn't designed to sway judges, politicians and senior regulatory officials is rubbish.
Given that it is highly probable, the ACCC Chair Sims, ASIC Chair Shipton etc expect no change. It is an elite club and you aren't in it.


20th Mar 2019, 10:52
sources suggest a a substantive discount:

Sources know that he actually went on ''staff travel" - with access to the 1st class lounge. A privilege granted to all others on staff travel? I think not.

cash for comment no doubt.

4th Apr 2019, 08:27
I watched the AJ youtube and it appears he has had his teeth fixed since he joined jetstar. Now when he smiles I see the keyboard from a grand piano. Way over done...

4th Apr 2019, 09:04
Probably covered in other threads, but would anyone care to speculate when he might step down from being CEO?

Capt Fathom
4th Apr 2019, 09:53
Why would he? All the shareholders are forgoing their dividends to make sure Alan doesn’t suffer!

4th Apr 2019, 10:02
Probably covered in other threads, but would anyone care to speculate when he might step down from being CEO?
Was told recently that he wants to be there for the 100 year anniversary celebrations, gee November 2020 is a long way away.

4th Apr 2019, 22:03
Those dividends won't make themselves he will be there for alot longer!