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17th Mar 2019, 22:48
My son flew into Sunshine Coast yesterday on Virgin (VA481?). Flight was a bit delayed, no idea why. Weather was fine, light winds, nothing exciting at all. When he walked into the airport he complained of a sore spine, and said the landing was very hard. We overheard another passenger saying the same thing. Both were sitting over the wing. Son said the plane actually bounced. He chewed his way through a significant quantity of pain killers, and commented several times during the day about how painful it was - and as a professional athlete he's not a wimp!

FO doing their first landing on a B738? I can't think of anything else that would explain such a hard bump on a nice day. As far as I know, the plane flew out again, so apparently no damage to the gear.


17th Mar 2019, 23:04
Because captains never do bad landings?

17th Mar 2019, 23:08
Itís a prick of a place to land at. Short and narrow runway means no room for error. My last landing there was a clanger. In our case we spoke to maintenance and they were able to do a remote download of the data whereby it was determined it wasnít a hard landing. I thought it surely was!

17th Mar 2019, 23:56
Some Airlines in OZ (I know of one) have in their SOP's YBSU is Capt's only Landing due narrow Rwy. We've all done heavy landings I'm sure. I suggest to the poster that your son get medical advice by way f having a medical check up on record in case of latter issues.

18th Mar 2019, 00:07
Maybe your son has a drug problem...

18th Mar 2019, 00:26
If the pain killers do not do any good.

A couple of spoonfuls of this may help? Try the local hardware.


18th Mar 2019, 01:56
What a complete tosser!

18th Mar 2019, 02:13
We've all done heavy landings I'm sure.

Hard maybe, heavy donít think so.

18th Mar 2019, 02:35
Heavy and hard you would have crinkled skin before a pax injury.

Sounds like a everyday 737 landing to me.

Ollie Onion
18th Mar 2019, 02:35
Is this a serious post?

18th Mar 2019, 04:01
Not uncommon to have a thumper touchdown at Sunshine Coast! Narrow, short, flukey SE QLD wind.

Slouching in the seat doesn't help - Jetstar were providing WHS training for F/As to sit up straight.

Duck Pilot
18th Mar 2019, 05:06
Lots of 737s flying around with evidence of heavy landings, just look for the oil canning on the lower fuse aft of the flaps, pretty easy to recognise from a distance if you know what youíre looking for.

18th Mar 2019, 06:06
Thanks to the posters who have given helpful and informative replies. I have paxed into SC a couple of times but wasn't aware of its rep.

I'll also pass on Lancer's tip.

18th Mar 2019, 06:17
Hard maybe, heavy donít think so.

Who decided the difference? Nobody does!

18th Mar 2019, 20:33
New runaway will be into wind and of a decent size which will be a welcome change.

G.A. Boy
18th Mar 2019, 21:16
It has the illusion, probably a name for it, that makes you think you're 6 to 10 ft higher than you are, more so than other 30 m runways. Hence a lot of nard landnings

18th Mar 2019, 21:43
Great post 👍Does MUM do anything else for him 😊.

18th Mar 2019, 22:13
*Lancer* nailed it!. "I was sort of curled up, reading a book". Perhaps something that all parents could mention to their travelling children.

18th Mar 2019, 23:15
Doesnít the autopilot do all the flying for us nowadays? :*

industry insider
18th Mar 2019, 23:40
Yes, those Cat III auto lands are always more positive, must be the explanation.

19th Mar 2019, 01:13
Lots of 737s flying around with evidence of heavy landings, just look for the oil canning on the lower fuse aft of the flaps, pretty easy to recognise from a distance if you know what youíre looking for.

That would be hogging and sagging Duck. It does pay to know what you are looking for

19th Mar 2019, 02:34
The one aircraft type that seemed to always present a soft landing, to me at least, was / is the Bae146 and descendants.
Is that just my perception?

If others agree, why is it so?
Is it the anhedral wing configuration that does that?
Possibly that rather uncommon trailing link MLG?

19th Mar 2019, 04:31
Trailing Link Undercarriage :ok:
Still capable of hard landings, just have to work harder for it.