View Full Version : "American Airlines suspends flights to Venezuela"

16th Mar 2019, 19:20
The airline has temporarily suspended its operations into Caracas and Maracaibo, saying "American will not operate to countries we don’t consider safe."
Are they alone, or have other airlines done likewise?
Have a couple of friends who are from there who aren't going back.
(And if they were, they'd need to use a different airline, I guess)
(Went looking on AA home page and didn't see anything on this)

Carbon Bootprint
16th Mar 2019, 21:45
UA (rather quietly) discontinued its nonstop IAH-CCS flights in June 2017. I flew that route fairly often before the oh-so-glorious "Bolivarian Revolution" got out of hand. :ugh:

They do offer connecting flights with Copa through Panama City so you can still get there if you really want to. I'll take a pass until Guaidó shows he has staying power.