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13th Mar 2019, 20:31

What does the FI Refresher Seminar consist of? Does the FI have to do nothing but listen?

13th Mar 2019, 23:06
They vary a little depending upon the provider but you must be ready to prepare and give a briefing either as an individual or as part of a group. Audience participation is also expected.

14th Mar 2019, 10:09
In the UK (and hopefully the rest of EASA-land) one can alternate between a revalidation by flight and a seminar (providing other criteria have been met; otherwise it's both). However, one has the choice of doing a flight test instead of a seminar. I've attended one seminar and whilst there was some value to it, for myself I find I get more value from a flight with a FIE. The latter is more expensive and is also more stressful, but I come away thinking that I've been given a positive attestation regarding some of my performance as an instructor and had some shortcomings highlighted. There is plenty of opportunity in between the briefings and the flight to discuss latest issues and direction that LAPL/PPL instruction is taking.

in the 2 day seminar I did attend, I suppose active participation accounted for an hour or so - the rest was more passive. Actually, the best bit was meeting some other instructors I hadn't seen for years and catching up; perhaps the best bit of any seminar.

I'm not sure really quite what the seminar is for, apart from an additional part of renewal for those who haven't met the revalidation criteria. There is a suspicion that some people might use it as an excuse not to fly with someone who might show up their deficiencies.


14th Mar 2019, 10:12
I'm not sure really quite what the seminar is for, Coppied from the FAA where EASA got all its basic rules from.

14th Mar 2019, 11:32
Is the brief conducted in the seminar?

22nd Mar 2019, 12:47
I've done a few seminars in my time, mainly mediocre with the honourable exception of Pooleys at Shoreham which was brilliant. I can't help feeling that these occasions are wasted opportunities. In a gathering of instructors crossing all backgrounds and experience level lies a golden opportunity to cross-fertilize our joys and sorrows. I'd like to see more round-the-table, wide-ranging discussions leading who knows where, rather than preparing and delivering briefings which are, after all, our stock-in trade.

22nd Mar 2019, 15:47
It is important to keep up to date as an instructor, but from my experience the format of instructor seminars is what need refreshing, as do some of the training providers. There must be, actually there are, easier ways of keeping up to date, without the time, travel, hotac and expense of instructor seminars.

24th Mar 2019, 13:55
I did my last one at On-Track Aviation and really enjoyed it. We had some great group-based presentations/role-plays which were both fun and educational. The more lectury stuff - updates on EASA-FCL etc - was inevitably not so entertaining but it was well-researched and presentations generally good.
Where I work we're usually on our own or with one other instructor so seminars are a good opportunity to meet and talk to other instructors.

25th Mar 2019, 22:34
I would say it depends a lot on the provider and the country. I have done it once in Germany and it was quite an enjoyable two day experience. It consistent of lectures on a range of FI related matters by professionals, as well as discussions and debates on current topics. It was not stressful at all, quite relaxed but also engaging at the same time!

20th Jul 2019, 14:11
I need to do a seminar to renew my FI as the last one I did was more than a year ago. Next one in the UK is not until December. Hopefully somewhere in Europe will have one that will be earlier, but I cannot find anywhere. To read one was conducted in Germany is encouraging. Any ideas anyone?

Charlie Zulu
20th Jul 2019, 16:02
Ontrack Aviation in Wellesbourne have an FI Seminal on 7/8 October... (I'm not affiliated in any way to them but they do have a good reputation, I'm considering Ontrack for my FIC).
I'll see if I can find anymore.

20th Jul 2019, 17:02
I think the Ontrack one in October is fully booked. AOPA is in December, and Pooleys are not doing them at the moment. So no options in the UK.

20th Jul 2019, 20:12
I think the Ontrack one in October is fully booked.
As they are moving to a larger venue in Oct, I doubt it is fully booked, normally they take bookings right up to the seminar date.

20th Jul 2019, 20:30
I will call them on Monday. But the Website will not allow any click on the October date.

20th Jul 2019, 21:30
Worked OK when I tried it.