View Full Version : B777 Help to proof read tech elements of my draft novel, please.

Doors To Manuel
10th Mar 2019, 18:06
After two years in the writing I am close to final draft of my debut mystery thriller novel which I plan to publish on Amazon Kindle. 'Shadows from the Sky' is the story of an aircraft (B777) that goes missing. As a long time airline office jockey I am well acquainted with the ground aspects of Emergency Response procedures...but I have never even ventured inside a flight deck.

My draft novel has 4 or 5 chapters covering the aircraft operation and enforced landing where the details and background have had to come from a combination of my own imagination and a lot of Googling!

The book will be aimed at the average thriller reader and while it does not need to be 100% accurate I would like someone to check that I have not conjured up anything that is just plain silly or impossible.

I'm looking for any B777 drivers who would be willing over the next two or three weeks to review and comment on the relevant pages of my manuscript. Probably take a couple of hours of your time at most.

What do you get out of it? Not a lot - well how about a free copy of the finished e-book, an acknowledgement in the final thing, and the satisfaction of telling me everything I have got wrong!

PM me if interested.


(PS: Don't worry, there is nothing in the book to tell the Bad Guys anything that they might not know already)

Doors To Manuel
21st Mar 2019, 18:17
Thanks to those who have responded. I think I have enough now to ensure the narrative is plausible enough so that the general reader will suspend disbelief and go with the flow of the story. After all, it's fiction!

22nd Mar 2019, 05:54
Wait, a 777 goes missing...no way anyone would believe that!

22nd Mar 2019, 07:33
First of all, I wish you success. If you want to have a full flight in a 777's cockpit, you can access many sources on Youtube.

Doors To Manuel
26th Mar 2019, 14:38
Thanks, I will check that out. It is amazing how many resources are available that I have already incorporated in the narrative bu don't want to overload with tech details.