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8th Mar 2019, 18:01
During training in the UK is it necessary for instructor signatures to sign off a logbook as a record of FNPT2 (or other registered systems) time for any reason? The record and logs should assumedly be kept by the training establishments just like those for flight records (which don't get signed off) if required for logbook audit purposes along with the completion certification from formally approved courses (eg MCC)?

8th Mar 2019, 18:12
AMC1 FCL.050 Recording of flight time
b (4) instruction time: a summary of all time logged by an applicant for a
licence or rating as flight instruction, instrument flight instruction,
instrument ground time, etc., may be logged if certified by the
appropriately rated or authorised instructor from whom it was received;

VFR-Seek and Destroy
8th Mar 2019, 20:06
AMC1 FCL.050 Recording of flight time

Hi Whopity,

Looking for guidance / opinion...

How do most instructors go about complying with this.
Do ( Or should ) they sign off each individual entry in the “student’s” logbook as it is entered, although I don’t see this commonly done.
Or do they certify at the end of the period of training the instruction given?
Or is there another better way to comply?

My understanding was it better to sign each entry in the logbook after the training session.
This way if a student / instructor was to leave ( or something untoward happened to the instructor ) FCL.050 would be complied with.

Thx, VFR

8th Mar 2019, 20:44
Ok, thanks. Excuse my ignorance but if the training is already connected to a formal qualification, what other value is there in officially logging it as I'm not aware that it can subsequently be credited for higher licence issue (or are you saying this needs to be done to support the application for the associated formal qualification)? No FTO has ever requested my logbook for signing so it doesn't seem necessary for the qualifications unless I've been missing something.

8th Mar 2019, 22:49
The concept was copied from the FAA. If you do not comply, then the NAA has every right to reject any licence application that is not appropriatedly signed. It is then the student who suffers. If every instructor signs at the end of each lesson, then the instructor knows the training is correctly entered in the log book and the flight is valid for licence or rating issue. Dear old Ron Campbell used to recommend this many years ago.

9th Mar 2019, 18:23
What do you do if the CAA has the logbook?
At the moment they are hanging on to them for ages and not a few have been lost!

9th Mar 2019, 18:40
What do you do if the CAA has the logbook? In most cases the CAA will not have your logbook until training is completed. If you apply for a subsequent rating, then the log book will have to be returned before it can be completed and signed as required by the regulation.

10th Mar 2019, 17:28
In an ideal world, I would agree.

However, I have had students that have applied for other ratings (eg Night) before commencing FNPT training. In at least two cases, the log books have not been returned until after the whole IR course had been completed!

10th Mar 2019, 19:01
At least if they have it you have a good excuse. If you have it and don't sign it thy can reject it.