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7th Mar 2019, 07:22
I guess all of us would think twice about getting into a packed Underground train with more than 448 passengers in it - even if it was for a relatively short journey ....a yet we cheerfully board an aircraft with 448 people on board, knowing we are all going to be breathing re-cycled air for 8 hours .

The Virgin Atlantic charter flight (originating from a cruise ship) landed at Gatwick yesterday (Wednesday March 6) after a flight from Barbados and ended up with all its passengers - and crew - being temporarily put in quanrantine owing to "widespread sickness on board". Thirty people were given received medical treatment at Gaatwick and three were taken to hospital for further checks. The symptoms were ""mainly a bad chesty cough, possibly chest infection".

Virgin said - quite rightly -"The safety and well-being of our customers and crew is always our absolute priority, and local ambulance services attended the aircraft upon landing to provide medical assistance. We are working closely with London Gatwick Airport and medical teams to offer assistance to customers, and will conduct a full investigation into the circumstances.". The local NHS sent ambulance crews including a Hazardous Area Response Team anda paramedic team to Gatwick .In all probablility the infection - whatever it was - was carried by some cruise passengers onto the plane when they boarded in Barbados - but does it prompt the question just how often are airliner aircon systems and their filters serviced?. ...and is there anything in them to prevent the spread of infection from one passenger to - well - everyone on board?

7th Mar 2019, 08:10
My money would be on all the passengers who were affected having contracted whatever-it-was on board the ship, not on the aircraft.

7th Mar 2019, 16:43
These mass illness on cruises seem to be a regular event now. I'm sure the companies are not scrimping on hygiene standards ...

8th Mar 2019, 15:14
I think the cruise companies have their hygiene regulations in place. After all, events like this are bad for business. However, you can't FORCE people to wash their hands, especially in their own cabins. Spend a few minutes in a motorway toilet area, and count the number of people who don't wash. Don't stay too long; you may get your collar felt;)

Tech Guy
12th Mar 2019, 20:16
Putting 6000 people in a small space for 2 weeks is a recipe for catching something nasty.
Surprised there aren't more outbreaks.

28th Mar 2019, 10:04
Just spent 76 days at sea, 2 ships. Arrived in UK with chest infection.
Last part of journey was ..Sri Lanka, Mangalore, Oman, Red sea, Suez canal.
Ships only (!) about 2000 pax, somebody brought it on board with them.