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VFR-Seek and Destroy
3rd Mar 2019, 23:36
Hi, I have read Standards Document 11 in regards to PPL exams.

However, Iím struggling to find the regulations around the six sittings and what happens if a student has used all six sittings but has not managed to successfully passed all 9 exams.
This is a theoretical question..... for the moment.
Can anyone point me in the right direction in where to look.


4th Mar 2019, 07:34
Thanks to the work of AOPA, you will probably see an amendment to FCL.025(b) released later in the year - this will remove the 'sittings' requirements for PPL and LAPL applicants.

VFR-Seek and Destroy
4th Mar 2019, 11:13
Thx BEage,

Thatís what I was looking for.

So if the student has used up all the 6 sittings it says they have to retake all the exams, however does the student have to retake the exams with the CAA at Gatwick / exam centre as is the case for failing a particular exam 3 times? as Standards Doc only mentions the latter case.
Or can they all be retaken at an ATO / RTF / DTO?

( in relation to the rules in force at present )

5th Mar 2019, 09:53
The only requirement to take an exam at a CAA exam centre is if all 3 papers have been used in any subject. i.e there is a need for a 4th paper that Examiners do not hold. The regulation says:
(3) If an applicant has failed to pass one of the theoretical knowledge examination papers
within 4 attempts, or has failed to pass all papers within either 6 sittings or the period
mentioned in paragraph (2), he/she shall re-take the complete set of examination papers.
The original letter sent out by the CAA to ground examiners said that a 4th attempt would involve all exams being conducted by the CAA however that was superceeded by Stds Doc 11. The only reference to taking all exams at the CAA relates to the failure of the 4th Exam.

5th Mar 2019, 13:21
But what sort of RF/DTO would be dull enough not to warn applicants about the (current) PPL/LAPL exam 'sittings' requirements?

VFR-Seek and Destroy
5th Mar 2019, 16:29
But what sort of RF/DTO would be dull enough not to warn applicants about the (current) PPL/LAPL exam 'sittings' requirements?

The applicants are well warned about the exam sitting requirements, the maximum number of attempts and validity period time lengths !!! Wether they are new students or students transferring in.

Was just looking to see the rules in official black and white as I could no longer find the references and produce them to students if needed to counter any advice they may have been given elsewhere that wasnít in agreement with my understanding of the regulations.

Thx guys, that was the info I needed.

12th Mar 2019, 21:50
As a matter of course we manage the process as closely as we can. Both to manage the 18 month period and then the subsequent 2 year period.
if an ATO/DTO ends up with students failing the three exams then they are not doing their job properly by ensuring that students are more than likely to pass the exams before they take them. After all the school gets monitored on this.