View Full Version : "Skin in The Game"

26th Feb 2019, 10:06

The Book by Taleb is very interesting and his prose style is easy to read. Around page 96 he describes a situation "how to own a pilot". It makes for uncomfortable reading but describes how some pilots (including me) get suckered into poor jobs and accept sub standard conditions for year after year.

Is there an answer? A few suggestions, join a union and make sure it works for you. Regularly consider career moves across the industry. Quietly play the system so that when they screw you over you look for legitimate ways to pay them back. Advise your children to study hard and become dentists?

26th Feb 2019, 20:29
Taleb progressively released partial chapters as he was writing the book via his page medium.com for critique prior to publication. The vignette you refer to was published for all to read: How To Legally Own Another Person (https://medium.com/incerto/how-to-legally-own-another-person-4145a1802bf6). And yes, it makes uncomfortable reading.

27th Feb 2019, 08:36
Thanks did not know that. Given the many other events going on suspect most too busy to give Taleb a read.