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24th Feb 2019, 21:30
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the 1989 Dispute. Many of the older players from that time have died and, by the 40th anniversary, only a few of the original youngsters will still be active in the Industry. It has been suggested that PPRuNe provide a noticeboard service to facilitate reunion communication as

(a) some of the original players have gone to the far reaches of the planet

(b) PPRuNe probably is the most widely read Industry site available to reach a majority of the folks from the Dispute period. We have no idea whether the facility will be well availed or not – time will tell. It exists and you are welcome to make use of it

.Rules of Engagement

1. The facility is open to ALL players and ALL groups involved in any way during the Dispute period. That includes the pilot groups (including airline/GA/corporate/MIL), flight engineers, cabin attendants, ground staff, ATC, CASA, other government departments, the tourism industry folks, and any others I haven’t thought of.

2. The thread will be locked (to preclude argument) and stickied (for visibility) until year’s end unless there be some pressing reason to extend its life beyond then.

3. The nature of the thread will be similar to the typical supermarket community notice board

4. If you wish to notify an intended reunion or other get together, please PM/email (preferably email) me with the details. I will post an entry, similar to the examples below, suitably deidentified to maintain whatever level of privacy each group’s folks might desire. Naturally, you may indicate additional information you desire to have posted. The mods will be the arbiter of what additional information actually goes into the thread. We can accommodate advice of date changes as things go along.

5. If you wish to make contact with the group hosting a particular reunion, please PM/email (preferably email) me with the details and I will forward that to the reunion originating poster for your subsequent offline discussions. That will be the whole extent of PPRuNe involvement.

6. As this site principally is a pilot site, the pilot groups will be listed first and then any others.

7. Example notices for the subsequent post(s) follow. I have put several dummy entries under Ansett simply because that is the first cab off the alphabetical rank. The actual list will develop from a blank sheet as whatever interest arises. Additional items will be slotted in to suit.

I will endeavour to maintain something approaching alphabetical ordering by location, subject to time constraints. The numeric ID (which probably will get quite out of sequence) is solely to allow folk to identify a particular reunion and so I can correlate the OP to the reunion in my offline database record for the period. Keep in mind we could get multiple reunions in the same general location

To address the situation where we might get considerable interest, the change summary post should make it easier for readers to identify changes to the gatherings post(s)

Pilots – pre-Dispute

Ansett Group

01 QLD Brisbane City - 03 Sep - additional details as negotiated

02 QLD Brisbane South - 08 Aug - additional details as negotiated

03 NSW Sydney West - 15 Aug - additional details as negotiated

04 O/S NZ Auckland North - 06 Aug - additional details as negotiated

East West





Pilots – post-Dispute (Subgroups as above)

Pilots - pre/post Dispute - Reconciliation Gatherings (Subgroups as above)

(Other Groups) … and so on

If you have any ideas to make the thread more useful, please do let me know by PM/email and we can discuss things offline.

Note. This thread’s listing is a one-off and does not change PPRuNe’s normal policy toward Dispute threads.

24th Feb 2019, 22:59
Reunion Summary Details

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Summary - Latest Changes

11th Aug 2019, 08:26
I must say that I'm a tad surprised - almost at the anniversary and not a single gathering proposed for publicity.