View Full Version : PIA Aborted Takeoff at MAN

2nd Aug 2002, 14:15
I heard a rumor that PIA had not one, but TWO aborted takeoff attempts at MAN yesterday with the same aircraft. Can anyone here shed some light on this for me?

2nd Aug 2002, 19:41
:eek: :eek: :eek:

I don't think you can call it a major "abort" yesterday. It started rolling from the end on 06L and stopped at the first exit...AF I think!!!!

It then cleared onto Alpha taxiway and blocked it going the wrong way. At last count we viewed 10 aircraft waiting for the hold having to enter at B1 and Backtrack.....chaos was not the word.

Didn't hear of a second abort tho???:cool: :cool:

4th Aug 2002, 19:09
As only single runway in use at the time, the only way to run the engines was to do it on the taxyway so as not to block the runway (with jetblast). 1st was aborted due engine failed to accelerate, second was not aborted as it wasn't an actual take off atempt it was a test, the airport were very helpful and everything went well (almost) well that's what I've been told anyway. Hi Stage bleed valve was locked closed and cured the problem, so my collegues tell me. :D

4th Aug 2002, 19:18
Like I said (before my posting was removed) a complete and utter non-event.

4th Aug 2002, 19:22
Did I not also have a post here?..