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23rd Feb 2019, 05:40
I have a STPC overnight stay in Doha in March (arrive 1700 depart 0900) and staying at the Oryx Rotana.
Being the first time I've stepped out of the transit area at ME 3 port after umpteen journeys through them, I'm thinking of having a look at the Souq, the Corniche and ride on a dhow. Reasonable? Anything else considered a must that is do-able in the evening?

I don't want to over extend as the overnight stop is bookended by 2 13hr plus journeys.


23rd Feb 2019, 06:00
Not sure I would bother with the Dhow trip since they only go around the bay and from the Cornish you can see just about everything that you will see from a Dhow.

Souq Wakif is always a good place to go - explore the little allies as there as some interesting shops hidden away. Near the Souq on the seafront is the Museum of Islamic art, but it closes at 19.00 so you won't have much time there, but well worth a visit.

23rd Feb 2019, 08:02
Any chance of latching onto the free city tour run for transit passengers ? There is a desk in the air side arrivals area and tours run at set times throughout the day.

23rd Feb 2019, 08:37
Can’t advise on the tours but the Oryx Rotana is a nice hotel.

23rd Feb 2019, 20:47

Good point, they are now 75 Rial, which isn't that much. I suspect that might be a bit too off script, those tours take one back to the airport not the hotel, which is where I want to go. That type of thing.

I'm happy to make my own way into town from the hotel.

24th Feb 2019, 12:39
The Oryx has good food & refreshments. From the airport if QA don't provide a coach to the hotel, its about 10 mins in a blue taxi (Karwa). From the Oryz if will take about 5 mins taxi ride to the MIA Museum & you can walk across the Cornish road to the Souq Wakif where there is lots to see & plenty of different places to eat.

28th Feb 2019, 00:00
The Oryx Rotana is indeed a nice hotel, stayed there for a week on business last year. It has a good sauna and pool and the food there is pretty good too, if not a bit pricey. Not sure if the QR STPC includes any meals? The Souq is not that far away and is probably where you'll spend most of your time in Doha, there is a pretty of choice of places to eat there and wandering the various alleys and side streets can kill some time after dinner. The Corniche is quite long but a good walk too. There is a nice park around the Islamic Art Museum too. I have been to Doha a few times but never once went on a dhow, seemed a bit tacky to me and a waste of time as they only really go round the bay like others have said.

I used to use Uber instead of Karwa most of the time, although Karwa is also perfectly fine and very reasonably priced too. In the ME I have only been to Dubai and Doha and much preferred Doha to be honest.

28th Feb 2019, 06:11
I will get a credit at the Hotel for food, not sure how much. I'm fine with eating outside of the hotel, it's my preference as a rule. Otherwise it's tempting not to see the location you are staying in - especially on a short stay.

It's all dependant on how I feel after the red eye from Montreal.

The Souq sounds good.

28th Feb 2019, 10:47
The Oryx is a decent hotel but I wouldn't say its got the best bars or restaurants. For restaurants, Nobu has great wow value sitting on its own little Island looking back at the city. The foods great but it's pricey. Zengo on the 62nd floor of the Kemplinski is also good and has great views. Other hotels worth visiting for food and drink are the W and the Four Seasons. Fridays are brunch days with all major hotels, generally 12:30 to 4:30pm lots to eat and drink. Booze is expensive though.

The Souq is good as other have said and the Corniche is a nice walk. If you want to get out of town, you might fancy a four wheel drive tour into the dunes to the south or kayaking in the mangroves to the north if you like that sort of thing and you've got enough time.

2nd Mar 2019, 09:36
It's been a few years, but Steak night at the Rotana was really good (as was Fish night). Tuesdays and Thursdays if I remember correctly.