View Full Version : Whitley Bay man stranded in Prague after friend flew home on his passport

19th Feb 2019, 21:36
British man flew from the Czech Republic to Newcastle on the wrong passport after accidentally taking his friend's and leaving him stranded. Allan Poole, 43, from Whitley Bay, travelled from Prague to Newcastle via Amsterdam on a KLM flight.
The passport was checked at least four times during the journey, but the mistake was not picked up.
The bit I find truly staggering is this:
A spokesman for the British Embassy in Prague said it was not unusual for people to travel on other people's passports.

He said: "People do travel on (the wrong passport), they don't get checked when they come out and stuff like that. It's quite common actually, to be honest with you, people do travel on other people's passports accidentally, it does happen.

BBC (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-47299483)

20th Feb 2019, 14:22
Was on a trip to France when the Gendarme checked the F/O's passport and grinned.

"You av ay beuteeful daughter Monsieur "

He'd grabbed the wrong passport out the drawer.

Quick check of his crew id and a confirmation from me that he was who he said he was and no problems. Fortunately we were coming straight back to UK.

That sort of screw up must happen loads.

20th Feb 2019, 14:52
He's from Whitley Bay - went there once .... shudder...........

20th Feb 2019, 18:29
... was waiting for that one, sorry.

20th Feb 2019, 20:33
Why can't he just come back on the other fellows passport?

20th Feb 2019, 22:15
He's from Whitley Bay - went there once .... shudder...........

Yes, it's definitely not like any other Spanish city.

21st Feb 2019, 08:51
On passports I remember a few years back a Swedish guy was pulled up in Greece - he'd been travelling on a passport that had his dog's photo in it for 8 years... TBH they did look related..............

21st Feb 2019, 08:52
Yes, it's definitely not like any other Spanish city.

I can think of places in a few Spanish towns that are... almost as attractive.........